Dinner for one

Hubby is out of town this week so I got the opportunity to try something new for supper. My father-in-law went fishing on Sunday and brought me a beautiful speckled trout. I couldn't wait to try something different - we usually pan fry our fish in butter, Fish Crisp, butter, garlic, butter, and more butter. In an effort to make it a little healthier, I decided to try my hand at cooking it "en papillote" which is just a fancy way of saying in parchment paper. Apparently this makes your food really moist and tasty, and it's very healthy since you don't really need to use butter ( I used a little EVOO).

So, after checking blog after blog trying to find out at what temperature I should cook at, how long, how to fold the paper and what to season it with I decided to McGuyver it. If it didn't work out, the only people that would know were me, Mac or Hemi, and none of us would tell. So I used a little corn, wax beans, then sat the trout on top and seasoned it with Mrs Dash, rosemary, basil, sea salt and lemon pepper. It turned out SOOO good. I overcooked it a little because I was unsure of the length of time it took to cook (and slightly paranoid of food poisoning by fish), and next time I would put less rosemary but all in all it was good.

In all the research I did, I found that you can make chicken this way as well, so I may try this later on in the week. It ends up being a "one pot meal" in a way, and any way to lesson the amount of dishes I have to do is a major plus in my books.


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