My first Mother's Day Weekend

I had an awesome first Mother's Day (as a mom) weekend. Hubby went out of his way to make me feel special. On Saturday and Sunday, he got up at 7AM with Mac and let me sleep in. I haven't had the chance to sleep in two days in a row since.... Aug 6 2009 :) It was WONDERFUL. He also cooked me breakfast and cleaned the kitchen and living room for me. He played with Mac for an hour and forty five minutes while I ran 16 km (training run for the half marathon). He stayed up with Mac while I napped after my run. All in all, a great Mother's Day :)

And of course, what would Mother's Day be without a little child induced embarassment... You might wonder how a 9 month old can embarass his mother. WELL, let me tell you...

We decided to go out to the one fancy restaurant we have in town. Mac had taken a nice two hour long nap (VERY RARE) and so Hubby and I had had a chance to get a few Zzz's as well. Figuring Mac would be in a good mood, we thought we'd chance the fancy restaurant in an effort to enjoy a nice night out.

Mac was angelic. He was playing quietly in the high-chair and eating his cheerios peacefully when disaster struck. All of a sudden, he grabbed the edge of the table, hunched in half, and with several very loud purple faced grunts, he proceeded to have one of THE MOST dramatic poops I've ever seen him have. It took him five minutes of purple-faced straining to finish. In a fancy restaurant full of well dressed older people trying to enjoy a nice quiet mother's day. Well, they got a mother's day meal with a show.

I took him to the bathroom to change him where I discovered that not only had he filled his diaper, he had blown out of it. Mac gave me a present that he worked hard on and made all by himself. How sweet. It took me about ten minutes in the bathroom to clean him up.

I was a little embarassed about the poop incident until it took the restaurant 1.5 hours to serve us our food with no explanation. Soooo, in the long run, I'm kind of proud of him :) As a reward for being so good and so patient while we waited for our food, we stopped at a new ice cream shop that opened a few blocks away from our house and Mac got to taste chocolate ice cream for the first time. He loved it.

I am truly grateful for being blessed with such a beautiful and funny son and considerate husband. I will never forget my first mothers day.


janelle said…
danielle, this is such a funny/sweet story! i love your little mac-man, can't wait to meet him in person :).

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