On Wings of Eagles

Saturday, Mary and I decided to go for a run around Porcupine Lake. After a lot of "Is this too slow for you?" "No, this is perfect, is it to slow for YOU?" we settled into a comfortable pace and got on with our run. It was such a gorgeous (albeit humid) day. The wind was blowing, but it served as our personal air conditioner as we ran. Our trek around the lake took us through several topics ("I hope we don't meet a bear, I forgot to shave my legs"), narrow trails, mud puddles (all of which Hemi felt the need to roll, lay down in or drink from) dusty back roads, one crazy snarling white beast of a dog and several clouds of blackflies. We braved cramps, thirst and a decidedly unfeminine amount of sweat. But we finished it. Alive (yes, at one point there was doubt...).

To celebrate, we made huge glasses of strawberry daiquiri and sat on the front porch drinking them, reflecting on our accomplishment. OK, so that might sound a little corny, but we weren't even sure we were going to make it around the lake. Our husbands both had instructions to give us an hour and a half, and if we hadn't returned, they were to come looking for us because odds were we would need to be scraped off the road. So yeah,we were a little euphoric about making it home in decent (for us) time.

It's been a long time since I've had the chance to absorb the beauty of nature. The musty smell of the forest was like an old friend saying welcome home. The wind blowing in my face was like a gentle caress. The rustling leaves were whispered encouragement when I didn't feel like continuing. Regardless of how I do in the 1/2 marathon at the end of the month, I'm glad I've had little moments like these to remind me that life is bigger than the four walls of my house, and what might feel like a giant obstacle is really just a stump in the trail . When I don't feel like continuing, when everything seems overwhelming, I'll think of Isaiah 40:31 and feel the eagles wings carrying me on.


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