Running, sushi and stomping dandelions

I guess extolling the virtues of running with a partner whet my mom's appetite for a run à deux so last night we made a date to run this morning at 8:30 AM. We wanted to get it done early because it's been soooo beautifully hot lately - this is a good thing but makes running not so fun. So this morning I strapped Mac into his Bob, Hemi into his halti and me into my heart rate monitor and we set off. We started our run off in a residential area and finished it running by the lake. It was beautiful. The temperature was already pretty warm but there was a really nice breeze next to the water.

Once we got home and showered we headed uptown to try out a new Sushi place. It was sooo good. I'll definately be going back. We brought it home and enjoyed it in my mom's backyard along with some of her famous home made iced tea. Mac played with his toys for a while and then walked around the yard stomping on all the dandelions he could find. After that got old he played with the hose with Grandmaman. I forgot my camera so I took the pictures with my Dad's. I can't wait to see them. Hopefully I can email them to hubby tonight. 3 more days till he's home!! Hopefully he doesn't miss all the nice weather.


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