My first half marathon

I ran my very first half marathon on Sunday, May 30th. I am so proud of myself for accomplishing this goal. I have been saying for the last four years "I bet I could do that if I set my mind to it" and now I can finally say "I know I can do a half marathon because I DID ONE, and I did it the same year I had a baby!!!" And the most shocking part is, it didn't kill me.

There were several times throughout my training that I wanted to quit; every time I had a bad run, got a side stitch, got a leg cramp, was tired, didn't feel like taking Mac with me (but had to because Hubby was out of town pretty much every second week since Mac was six weeks old)... ahhh the list could go on.

The atmosphere in Ottawa during the race was unbelievable. I've never been to a big concert or gone to a major sporting event so I guess I don't have much to compare it with, but the sense of community during that time was amazing. I stopped in at Lululemon the day before the race and each salesperson I dealt with asked if I was there to run, and when I told them I was, offered words of encouragement and informed me that they would be there cheering.

During the event, people would read my name off of my race bib (your first name is printed on the bib directly below your number) and they would yell out encouragement to me - USING MY NAME. It felt like everyone was there to support me. (sounds corny, I know).

I was running the last 5 km of the race and was starting to be in a fair amount of discomfort and instead of getting discouraged, I just thought: "God, I can't believe how amazing you made my body, that I can push it to do something like this. You are the ultimate engineer."

The last KM was the hardest - and the funniest. At the marker indicating that there was one km left in the race, there was a sign saying "Suck it up Princess". That made me laugh. There was also a woman holding up a sign that said "Free high fives" and she was high fiving anyone that ran close by. One lady was wearing a shirt that said "Running won't kill you - you'll pass out first" and an other said "Please God let there be someone behind me reading this".

The best part though, was seeing Mac and hubby at the finish line, cheering for me. Best. Feeling. Ever.

Setting goals like this really makes you appreciate all the people that support you. My mom and mother in law both pitched in and babysat a few times for me so that I could get a decent run in. My husband wouldn't let me quit when I returned home crying after a run during which I didn't complete the mileage I should have. My super fit sister-in-law to be would give me nutrition tips and info to help my training. My best friend Mary ran with me on a day I really didn't feel like running and complained the whole time. I guess the real reward for this race wasn't the fact that I can brag that I've run 21 km, but the fact that I learned just how much the people closest to me care for me. And that's better than any certificate.


janelle said…
way to go, you! thanks for the inspiration and awesomeness.

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