First Steps

So, Mac has been walking back and forth between Hubby and I for a few weeks now, but he hadn't actually taken the initiative to go anywhere on his own. He was getting really fast at cruising furniture and walls (and toilets, and garbages and hey - did you know that paper towels and toilet paper taste good?? ) but he hadn't as of yet let go of a piece of furniture and walked to an other one alone.

I was grocery shopping yesterday and ran into my midwife and we got talking and I was telling her that he could walk, but didn't really realize that he could yet. I went home and what does he do??? He walks from the couch to the table - about five steps - all on his own. I was sooooo excited!! (He just looked at me like I was retarded!) So it's time to really baby proof the house now, because NOTHING is safe anymore.


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