So, no one warned me before I had kids that they are emotional terrorists. I really don't think it's conscious (most of the time) but they are. And they are (unintentionally - at least at this age) good at it.

Mac has been at the sitter's two days a week since the first week of September. Before he started with her, I went over a few days and had tea with her and let Mac wander around and get used to the environment. This was done with the intent of making it easier when I had to drop him off. Little did I know that in his head, Mac was saying "In your dreams, MOM!"

Mac has a giraffe (actually, he has three identical ones, in case something happens to one or two of them) that we bought at Sears when he was born that has become his buddy. He kisses it and hugs it and takes it everywhere. It's his comfort item. Every day when I pick him up from D.'s. it's covered in boogers and soaking wet from him crying on it and wiping his nose on it.

Ever since his first alone day with D. ( the sitter) he has had varying degrees of bad days - ranging from mildly grumpy to hysterically clingy. He's also realised that the drive to Grandmaman's house where he gets babysat the OTHER three days of the week takes about 15 minutes - D.'s house is only two minutes away. If the drive only take two minutes, he knows he's NOT at Grandmama's and he lets me know it.... by ripping my heart out and tearing it into a million little pieces. He starts crying the second I put the car in park, and then clings to me like a drowning victim, and then holds onto my clothes when I try to hand him over to D. And I leave her house feeling like the worst mother in the world, two days a week. Which, I might add, does not put me in the best mood/attitude for dealing with customers for the rest of the day.

So this is the fourth week he is at D.'s and the day started off BAD. Right before it was time to go, he had a big poop which set us back and made us late. On top of that, ever since we got back from Barrie, he's had the most awful diaper rash which has made diaper changes excruciating for him, and thus, also for me! So after five minutes of wrestling a naked poop covered baby, I was sweaty, aggravated and late. He was angry and in pain. After this wonderful experience, I drove over to D.'s where he started howling in the driveway before I even had the chance to get out of the car. Once inside, he yelled so loud I had to practically yell to even TELL D. that he HAD a diaper rash.

When I finally get to work (10 minutes late because on top of the poop situation, I got stuck in construction two blocks away from work) I confessed to my friend Mary that I was CRANKY and a little depressed.

After work, I zipped over to the sitters to pick him up, expecting to have the babysitter THROW him at me in an effort to get rid of him. To my surprise, he was playing in the back yard and D. said he had his first GOOD day. I was so relieved, excited and joyful, I wanted to hug her. She said he had stopped crying before I was even out of the driveway. Ahhh yes, emotional terrorism at it's best...

Oh yeah, and Giraffe was dry :)


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