Mac's First Toothbrush

Since my mom worked in a dentists office pre-children I've been well schooled in all the different ways you can rot your teeth. She put the fear of cavities in me to the point where ever since Mac popped out tooth #1 I've been careful to keep it and all subsequent additions shiny and clean by rubbing it/them with a washcloth after most meals.

Last week we had our (late) one year old appointment with the dr who told us that it was time to buy him a toothbrush. I was excited to do this - let's face it, baby toothbrushes are so cute - but a little apprehensive since on good days, he tolerates the washcloth treatment, and on bad days he does his best to perforate my eardrums by hitting pitches only opera singers should.

I whipped out the video camera to record what I was sure was going to be quite the hissy fit but to my complete surprise he LOVED it. He even brushed his own teeth!! It was hilarious. My little guy is growing up. And by the way, his toothbrush is green and orange and I'm healous of how cute it is.


patrick said…
hey dude! i love your blog. how come i didn't know about this before?
Unknown said…
Cause I'm sneaky sneaky!!

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