Elmo's Halloween

Turns out, I'm kind of a lazy mom when it comes to events. For Mac's birthday I never ordered a cake ahead of time and went in the night before his birthday to pick it up. Poor kid almost ended up with a pink cake on his first birthday.  So in keeping with my laziness, I went to Walmart about a month before Halloween and picked up the first costume I saw that didn't a) terrify me and b) look complicated to put on. So Mac went as Elmo. Apparently, wearing a dead Muppet and driving around from house to house is not Mac's idea of a good time, so he spent most of the car ride around shrieking every now and then without warning or provocation. When he was allowed to wander to his hearts content, he was pretty.... well... content. Anyhow, here's a shot my dad snapped as we were walking in the door at their house. I know I have a borderline manic smile on my face in the background (Mac was just so hilarious looking) but wasn't Mac a cute Elmo?!? I lub him!!


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