Pictures, Presents and the Flu

Friday morning (and by morning I mean 3:30AM) Mac was hit suddenly and severly with the flu. I was rocking him in the lazy-boy giving him his bottle when he POWER PUKED all over me... and him.... and the ground... Poor kid. So, Friday DAY I didn't go to work.

During Mac's morning nap, I decided to go through all the pictures of 2010 that I've taken so far and get a head start on Christmas gifts. We've decided that each year, we'll give the Grandparents a Walmart Photo book of the grandkids growing up. Last year's album was very well received.

So I started looking at all these pictures and man alive!! Mac has grown A LOT this year!! I mean, I knew he'd grown, but to look at pictures of him now compared to pictures of him in January just blew my mind! Check it out.

January 2010

Last Week

Crazy huh? I lub him!!


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