Handprints on the Wall

I'm trying to finish painting my kitchen - I did my living room and one wall of my kitchen and have been procrastinating finishing it even though it's driving me bananas (my living room is beige and blue, and my kitchen has one beige wall and three pickle juice green colored walls - not pretty). So I decided to finish it today despite the fact that I had a natural gas scare this morning, sewer issues and laudry piles galore waiting for me. I figured I would paint the top parts while Mac was up and once he went to sleep I'd finish the bottoms.

Well of course I got on a roll and did the bottom and then ended up doing a crazy dance trying to finish the painting and keeping Mac from FINGERPAINTING on my wet paint walls. He got by me (cause he's faster and smarter than me) and put a cute little handprint on the wall. After washing his hands, I let him go in the living room hoping he would avoid the kitchen. Then he did the cutest thing.

He was walking up to every surface he could reach (other than the freshly painted wall) and putting his hand on it than looking at me to see what my reaction would be. He couldn't understand why I panicked when he touched one wall, but all the others were ok.

I lub him :)


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