Things for which I am thankful:
1. I have a healthy baby boy who is thriving and makes me laugh on a daily basis. I thank God every day for him.  He just recently had his first cold that lasted a week and a half and it made me realize again how lucky I am to have a child who is generally healthy and happy.

2. I have a wonderful family. My mom babysits Mac for me most of the week. She goes above and beyond in her care of him and of me. She tries to cook me meals when she knows I'm tired and stressed out, and she does little things all the time to show she cares/  My dad is the best grandpapa a kid could ask for. He lights up whenever Mac is around. When I was little and my family would go to the mall, he and I would make plans to meet up secretly at WalMart and we would share a fry at the MacDonalds. He used to play marbles with me, challenged me at Need for Speed and taught me to drive. After a few rough teenager years, he's become my sounding board. I find myself asking his opinion often.  Not many people are so fortunate as to have two fantastic parents still in their lives.

3.  I have a husband who tolerates my oddball sense of humour, makes me laugh, and always has a better come-back than me. He provides for us above and beyond what's necessary and never complains.   He lets me be me and doesn't try to change me. He loves me even on my moody,grumpy, lazy and annoying days and finds me attractive even with no makeup on, my hair sticking out at weird angles, before I've had a chance to brush my teeth in the morning.

4. I have an awesome friend who makes me feel normal. She laughs at my lousiest jokes, cheers me up when I'm down, encourages my shopping addiction to lululemon, accepts my weird love for dogs, and gives me perspective when I'm annoyed and not seeing things clearly.

5. My brother and his fiance have moved and are now driving distance from my house. Now I get to see them more often, and Mac and his little cousin can get to know each other. I also now get to see them on holidays and in between.

6.  I have a nice little house that I frequently complain is too small but know that I am fortunate to have.

There are more things for which I am thankful, but these are the top ones. 

To quote "Friends" Happy needless turkey murder day!!


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