Decisions, Decisions and Choices

Right now, I'm facing some pretty big decisions. Actually, that's really not accurate. Let me start over. Right now, I've just made a huge decision.  I have peace about the decision itself, but since I've made the decision, I've been facing the ripple effect that this choice will cause.

I'm sitting here wondering why I'm wasting time worrying about this.  The choice is made. I know it's the right one. And most of the time, I'm thrilled. But every now and then, a little thought pops into my head and starts to screw with me. "What will so and so say about me?" "How will I have to adjust my life now to suit this new situation?" "How will this affect the future: mine and my family's?"

I never really thought I cared much what other people thought of me, but apparently I do. And what's bothering me is I don't know why. Because I know it's the right decision. So why is this still bothering me? Hmph. Hormones rock *sarcasm intended*.


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