Nothing To Say

I don't have the energy to actually write a fleshed out blog post so I will make a list of things that have happened recently.
1. Got an iPhone (LOVE IT) - now I just have to convince more people I know to get one so that I can take advantage of FACE TIME (Face time = Skype - the headache). How's that for a little Friday night math?
2. Mac starting coloring. ON EVERYTHING. Even himself. Apparently, blue tastes good. Who'd have thunk it?
3.  Work is getting really nuts. I have not started counting down the days till I'm done because it will make the remaining time there feel longer...
4. Mac has been healthy for a week and a half (knock on wood). I'm glad I have my son back and my sick little terrorist seems to be gone.
5. Tomorrow my mom is coming over and we are making egg rolls. I just chopped and cooked cabbage for two hours straight. Ow.
6. I just spilled chocolate chips all over the couch. PS - Pretzels and chocolate chips = sweet easy deliciousness.
7. Hemi is watching me eat pretzels and chocolate chips and is drooling all over the edge of my couch.
8. Now he just sighed at me, like "Mom, seriously. I'm starving here. Gimme a chocolate chip."
9. I went to the theatre with Mary last night and watched the latest Harry Potter movie.  The sweaters that Harry wears in the part of the movie where they are wandering in the bush look so comfy. I want one. I think they are called fisherman sweaters.
10. I bought Mac a slinky but Hemi is the one that plays with it.
11. It is 9:15 PM on a Friday night and it's 1.5 hours past my bedtime. Goodnight.


patrick said…
and goodnight to you, young lady.
thanks for writing this, i love it :)

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