So, Mac has been sick pretty much since September with one thing or an other. Between bronchitis, a cold, the flu and teething it's been non-stop.  Hubby has been working crazy hours with work, so between my job, the baby and Hubby I don't think I've ever been this sleep deprived before in my life. It's at the point now where I don't even think my mouth and my brain are connected because I open my mouth to say something and something completely different come out. So after a long talk with Hubby, lots of soul searching and some praying...  I GAVE MY NOTICE!!!  I'm so excited. As of December 31st I will officially be a housewife.  It's a little scary and I'll have to work on a budget and watch our spending (ours= mine) but I'm so happy about the decision. Being able to be with Mac and actually raise my own son is going to be such a relief. I never ever thought that I would want to be a stay-at-home mom and housewife, but I've come to realize that I should have been born in the 20's. Three cheers for staying home!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!


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