Registration Wrap Up

After all the hype, registration is over and went smoothly. In fact, in the ten years I've been working there, this was the smoothest most uneventful registration I've ever been involved in. It went so smoothly in fact (not to be glass half empty) that I'm a little scared to go into work on Monday. I have the feeling that all the computers will crash and our registration system will mess up all the names and accidentally put people in the wrong classes... I know logically that this can't happen, but one can have unfounded fears, right?  Anyhow, I made it through registration with getting cursed at, yelled at or spit on (the last one usually only happens unintentionally).  Score.

Now, I'm watching Ottawa play Buffalo and hoping that Ottawa wins. Not because I love Ottawa because I really really don't, but because I bought into a hockey pool to support my friends kid and am fiercely competitive and want to make it past tonight. So (grudgingly) GO OTTAWA GO. It's scoreless in the the second period right now and one of the most mind-numbingly boring games I've ever had the displeasure of watching. Thank God UFC is on later. Watching people beat each other up will make me feel better. YAY GSP!


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