Swimming Lesson Registration

Ahhh.... it's my favorite time of year.  You must be talking about Christmas, you say. No, I'm talking about swimming lesson registration. The time of year when over a hundred people line up at the pool to put their kids in swimming lessons. The time of year when after waiting for an hour, or two or three, people start getting aggravated with us because we haven't yet learned how to work at warp speed. The time of year when people feel it is OK to a) shout at us, b) belittle us c) complain about us and d) generally blame us for every bad thing that has happened to them, all in the name of being a tax payer (which, since working for the City I've learned gives you the right to treat whomever you want like crap because you pay taxes... JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE). Sarcasm duly noted.

But, this year it's different. Why you may ask?  Because THIS year....  wait for it... wait for it....  wait for it....


And that knowledge my friend, is POWER. Because now, all those idiots who think having a kid gives them licence to behave like one will not be able to get to me. Because now I know that there is an end in sight. Now I will have (more) patience when dealing with people so ignorant and unintelligent I am shocked they even figured out how to make a child. And now, when someone gets right in my face and yells at me I won't worry about the next time I have to deal with them. Because for the foreseeable future THERE WON'T BE A NEXT TIME.  How does that song go again?? "I've got the power!!"   So next year at Thanksgiving, I will be giving thanks for the fact that I DID NOT DO ANY REGISTRATION IN 2011!!


patrick said…
hey dude, i feel for you. customer service is the shithole.
*comforting hug*

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