What Mac Can Say

Mac is starting to talk!! And surprise surprise - he's already embarrassed me.  For instance: kids are naturally curious about body parts. My husband pees standing up. Mac has walked in on him doing this once or twice and of course, is fascinated by the thing that creates the "fountain of water". Then comes the decision : do you go with the anatomically correct terms, or the slang that makes it slightly less awkward to talk to your kids but has strangers that overhear giving you the raised eyebrow looks. We of course (being a little bit of the red-necked sort) went with the slang. So when Mac points at Daddy while he's peeing, we told him it was a "pecker". Classy, I know.

Anyhow, lately he's been saying new words spontaneously with no apparent rhyme or reason. He can now say:
pomme            hockey
poire               aide
mama              spider
outside            slinky
Hemi               hot
Dadda             porte
Jen                  Bryson
Poppa             Nanny
Pop                 Grandmaman
bang                truck

Oh, and today, during his diaper change he came out and said PECKER. And pointed to the appropriate (inappropriate?) body part in case I didn't know what he was talking about. And repeated himself twice. Still pointing. I didn't know whether to congratulate him on correctly naming the part, laugh or cringe. I ended up laughing. And getting him to repeat it once more. Just for laughs. I lub him.


patrick said…
hah! haha!
that's awesome :D
did he finally realize that he had one too?
Danielle said…
Oh, he knew he had one, he just didn't know it had a name.

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