Getting stuff done...

In the spirit of getting stuff done, I've made a big decision - I've decided to get my high school diploma. When I was in high school, I got sick and ended up deciding to stay at home and do it correspondence. That didn't happen. I did a few courses and got all my compulsories done, but procrastinated and never ended up finishing the whole thing (all the electives). In order to get into college, I did an equivalency test which was no problem, but it's always bugged me that I don't have a diploma. Sooooooooo I signed up to finish up my credits. I'm nervous because I haven't been in school for a while, but I think it will feel good, and it will be a HUGE monkey off my back. Then I can also take more college courses, or university courses (without restriction) and upgrade my skills. This way, when Mac will be in school and I will go back to work, I will have WAY more options. I mailed in the registration today so here goes.... :)
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