Happy New Year!!!

Today is my first day as an OFFICIAL stay at home mama. It's starting to sink in, but still feels a little surreal. It's 10:45 AM and here's a list of what I've already done today:
1. Took out some meat for supper
2. Vacuumed the upstairs
3. Did a load of laundry
4. Found my missing ipod touch
5. Worked out
6. Unpacked my mix master (I'm going to try to make cookies with Mac later - and try really hard not to take off one of his fingers by accident
7. Texted Mary at work to harass her
8. Did the dishes
Ahhhh... it feels so good. So now I'm contemplating what I am going to make for lunch for my munchkin and I...


Angelina Lynn said…
How does your website know where I live..... a little too big brotherish. Congrats on being a stay at home mama:):):)
janelle said…
that sounds like so much fun! <3 it.
Mary Shortt said…
i don't like #7 :)

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