I've been a work widow this week. Hubby is out of town for a course and Mac, Hemi and I have been alone. Hubby was gone a lot the first six months of Mac's life. He'd been put on a project that took him out of town Monday to Thursday. He and I found it hard; him because he was away from his newborn son and me because I was recovering from my c-section during which I had hemorrhaged. Turns out losing a lot of blood = exhaustion for 6 months. During this time however, I don't think Mac REALLY noticed that Dadda was gone a lot.

Fast forward 18 months. We dropped Dadda off at the airport at 6:30PM on Sunday night. Things were going pretty smoothly until Mac realized that we were driving away from the airport and Dadda was NOT in the car with us. Holy OUCH!! I'm pretty sure when we drove past people they thought an air raid siren was going off. He screamed blue bloody murder the whole way home.

The next day Daddy called at around 4PM. I put him on speaker phone and as soon as Mac heard his voice he grabbed the phone from me and yelled; "DADDA???? DADDA!!!" and proceeded to talk to Dadda for five of so minutes. When it was time to go, I told him to say goodbye and give Dadda a kiss. I figured he'd blow a kiss... Nope!  He took the phone, turned the speaker to face him and gave it a big wet smooch. It was the cutest thing ever.

And this morning, he broke my heart. He woke up in a good mood (I say this because he didn't wake up yelling, he woke up talking). When I went into his room he was sitting in his crib talking to his giraffe (they're best friends, you know). As soon as he saw me he stood up and lifted his arms to be picked up (best feeling in the world by the way). Then.... he proceeded to go from room to room, asking "Dadda? Dadda?". It was so sad. He wasn't crying or anything, he was just trying to find his Dadda.  Sad. Cute, but sad. Friday can't come soon enough!


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