High Maintenance Mac

Why does it seem that kids pick the days that you're the most sleep deprived to be "busy" (which is polite parent talk for a rampaging terrorist without bad intentions)? After being up last night for two hours, Mac chose today to be a challenging little marauder.

Let me point out here that in general, he's a really good kid. He sleeps his nights most of the time, eats pretty much anything, likes to sit and read books with me, gives lots of kisses and usually does at least three completely heart-meltingly adorable things each day.

Not today.

Today he seemed intent on destroying the house faster than I could fix it. By the time I had cleaned up a mess, he had created two more. For instance:

He is not allowed to climb on the toilet, but it's his favorite thing to do because from this vantage point, he can play in the sink, turn on the taps, check out the medicine cabinet and pretend to brush his teeth using our toothbrushes. Today, he climbed on the toilet, managed to get a hold of the brand new, completely full large sized Q-tip box and dump it all over the bathroom floor.  I come upon this scene and begin to clean it up, at which point he decides that he will "help" me by taking tampons out of the box and throwing them away in the garbage. Tampons aren't cheap!! So when I finish cleaning the Q-tips, I start fishing the the tampons out of the nearly empty garbage (garbage day was today so they all were emptied yesterday thank God!).  As I am retrieving the tampons, Mac goes into the kitchen, drags a chair to the utensil drawer, climbs on the chair and starts "rearranging" all my utensils. All this before ten AM.

Lunch time rolls around. Mac decides that he doesn't want to eat, he wants to throw all his food at the dog and laugh when he jumps to catch it. I managed to get some veggies into him but he totally refused to eat the egg burrito I made him. So, I let him out of his high chair and begin washing the dishes. I leave the burrito on the table because sometimes, he climbs onto a chair and feeds himself. NOT TODAY. Today, he climbs on the chair and throws the burrito onto the ground so that he can watch Hemi eat it. So now there's egg all over the floor and my dog is happily licking it up when Mac decides it would be a great idea to grab my iced tea and dump it out.... all over the poor unsuspecting dog.

These are only a few examples of what my day was like. Suffice it to say that when my husband got home, he had an extremely wound up son and a nearly dead wife.

And yet, when I feel like I've had enough, Mac picks that time to come up to me and give me a big kiss. And through the haze of complete exhaustion I realise it's totally worth it. Hows that for math: 1 kiss > 8 hours of frustration :)

PS - I think Hemi has developped a nervous twitch.


janelle said…
ohhhh danielle, i wish i lived closer so i could come over and help clean up the MacMesses, and hug you, and make you coffee or something else warm and comforting. you are an awesome mom and i'm glad i get to follow you through this. :)
patrick said…
oh dear! that's so adorable. AND CRAAZY!!!

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