Limpy McGimperson

Ever seen a baby limp?? I didn't realise how rare that was until I talked to my dad today and he said he'd never seen a baby limp. That is, he'd never seen a baby limp until Monday when he stopped in here and saw my son doing his best imitation of Terry Fox (no disrespect intended).

He woke up Sunday morning and couldn't put any weight on his right leg. Every time we'd set him down, he's take all his weight off it kinda like a horse does when it's injured.  We stripped him down and checked his leg top to bottom to see if maybe he had an infection, a bruise, a splinter... Nothing. Zilch. Zip. Nada.  He'd had his needles the week before, but I really didn't think that's what was causing this because it had been a full week.

The kinda funny part though was that we kept asking him to show us his bobo... and he learned how to SAY bobo. So he was walking around saying "Bobo!! Bobo!!" and crying and pointing at his leg. My MIL is a nurse so we called her and she came over, did the same check we did and came to the conclusion that we should just wait it out because it could just be a charlie horse, pulled muscle or growing pain.

It eventually went away, but now as I think back to how silly he looked limping around I wish I would have video taped it because as not funny as it is when your baby is in pain, after it's all over and they've come through it without any long term damage you chuckle at the stuff they come out with.


janelle said…
i love it! what a cutie he must've been, with his "bobo"!
i had wicked growing pains as a kid - if that's what he had, i'm all sympathy :(.
patrick said…
super cute. i can picture him toddlimping around. can't wait to see you guys :D
Angelina Lynn said…
My nephew has done this twice:P My sister thinks that he is a hypochondriac:P

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