Today I'm going through my photos, downloading them off of my camera, deleting the bad ones and organizing the good ones so that I can back them up on a CD (I learned that lesson the hard way a few years ago when my computer crashed and I lost a whole whack of pictures).  Mac and Hubby are sleeping so I have at least an hour of peace and quiet in which to do this. Anyhow, I came across a few cute photos while I was doing this so I thought I'd post a few while I'm burning my photo CD.

This is a photo of Mac sniffing the daisies that my husband bought me for my birthday in January.

Mac was helping me make pumpkin cupcakes here. I forgot to unplug my Mix Master while I was scraping down the sides and Mac hit the GO button and almost took my hand off. In this photo, he is taunting Hemi with the batter on the spoon.

Here is Mac enjoying a MacDonald's burger. He truly is his father's son.

This is Mac being a goof for the camera.

As always....
I lub him!!!


patrick said…
wow, what a big kid. and so cute.

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