So I've figured out one of the reasons I'm so incredibly grumpy right now and it's a little embarrassing. Well, it's a lot embarrassing, especially if you know my family and how they are health nuts. Let me start over...

My name is Danielle and I am an addict. It has been five days since my last drink... of Coke. *sigh* Sweet bubbly goodness. My pick-me-up. It pairs perfectly with everything I eat: a bacon and tomato sandwich or roast beef and mashed potatoes. Unfortunately, it is not so good for me. And expensive. So in the interests of better health and saving money I haven't replenished our stash.

And today right around lunchtime when I would usually have my glass of relax I started to get a headache. And it clicked. DUH. So, can anyone tell me what I can do?? Smokers get gum and a patch... right now I'm settling for Mini-Eggs. And all they're doing for me is making me feel guilty because now, instead of drinking my calories, I'm eating them.

So to the ones who care about me, here's advanced warning: I may be about to fall off the wagon :)

PS - Just as I was about to post this, a Coke commercial played on TV. I'm taking that as a sign.


Angelina Lynn said…
HAHA!- I have no sympathy.... pop is disgusting.

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