I was reading Genesis 22 tonight and was struck by Abraham's faith.

When I look at Mac I can't imagine losing him. When ever I think of the horrible things that could happen to him all I want to do is sheild him, protect him and guard him. Yet Abraham took his son - his only son that he loved (which God acknowledged in his request) and trusted God enough to give that son up to God, believing that God only had his best interests in mind. He wasn't trusting that nothing bad would happen, he was trusting that God could make good come from bad. It makes me wonder how many good God-things I miss out on just because I refuse to obey God because I can't see the whole picture RIGHT NOW. How many of Gods blessings for me do I sabotage because I'm not looking at the whole map, just one little blocks worth? I need to stop worrying about whether or not I know the "why's" of Gods request and instead start asking God to show me HOW to do His will. I need to stop being a backseat driver in my life and let God do the steering: after all, He knows the roads inside and out, whether they are four lane highways that I cruise down without a problem or bumpy, potholed side streets. I've got the best GPS out there. All I have to do is use it.


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