Funny guy!

Several funny/humorous things have happened lately.  The first thing is that my dog Hemi was caught violating my son's giraffe. Not the cute little one that he sleeps with but the big one from Madagascar that my in-laws bought him.  I guess Hemi figured it was time for a girlfriend, and since all the other dogs on the block are male, he decided to go with what he had. Poor kid.

Second thing that happened was that Mac told me I was hot.  Normally this would be a compliment, but he said it too me after I had just finished running on treadmill while he was holding my water bottle hostage. The look on his face implied that I was too sweaty to be permitted to drink from my own water bottle. Thanks, kid!

Third thing - he got into the drawer where I keep chocolates. Here's the result.

This is a photo of Mac taken after he's woken up from his nap.  Somehow, all three of his giraffes (I keep spares so that we're never stranded) ended up in bed with him and he refused to let them go to eat, so Mac ate lunch with his little litter of giraffes.

And lastly, here he is with his cousin Amber. Too cool!!


patrick said…
oh that's so cute! i love that he loves giraffes!!!!!!!
too bad about hemi and the big giraffe, though. i wonder what the babies will look like.

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