Is Winter Almost Done?

Last night I was watching the Ellen DeGeneres show. Her musical guest was Taio Cruz, who sings Dynamite. Mac's latest "thing" is dancing and his two favorite songs are "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas and "Dynamite". He really shakes his bacon to those two. Anyhow, Taio started singing so I cranked it up and got Mac dancing. I wish I would have got the dance on video because it was hilarious. Anyhow, at the end of the song the studio audience broke into applause and Mac turned to face the t.v. and very solemnly applauded as well. It was hilarious.

Is winter almost gone yet??  Because seriously, I'm going to lose what few remaining marbles I have left if we are stuck indoors much longer. I'm not even asking for summer. Just NOT winter. This winter has been WINDY. I can take Mac outside when it's cold, but when it's windy it just becomes very difficult because my little monkey refuses to wear a neck warmer or scarf.  So for the moment we are stuck inside trying to find ways to occupy our time that don't involve causing Hemi a nervous breakdown.  Well, that's my goal. I don't think that it's Macs.


janelle said…
haha! i'd love to read a list of mac's goals.
lunch on floor - check.
puke on mama - check.
ps my verification word is "fectionz". sending my af-fectionz your way, dan. xo
Unknown said…
Can't wait to hear your stories about little Sam. :)

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