Power 90

Since I went back to work last August, I have hardly had any time to work out. Ok, maybe that isn't entirely truthful (I can hear Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser having an aneurysm right now). Since I went back to work in August, I haven't had the inclination to work out like I use to.  The idea of working out is quickly overshadowed by the prospect of a) sleeping b) sitting on the couch watching TV c) sitting on the couch and doing nothing d)browsing the web in search of nothing at all and e) eating junk food.

The other day I was reflecting on the fact that last year around this time I was finishing up my training for the Ottawa half marathon and was running approx 20 - 25 km per week. I'm pretty sure trying to run 10km right now would land me in the hospital with a heart attack. And exhaustion. Funny thing, exercise only helps you while you're doing it. As soon as you stop, it's benefits do.

I was commenting to my husband the other day that I've put on a little weight since last summer (which prompted him to call me Muffin Top for the next three days : note to self - don't rely on husband for a boost of self esteem). He listened to me with the roll-your-eyes kind of attitude that implied I was being ridiculous, and said that if I felt that way I should *gasp*  work out. Such words of wisdom. I married a genius. NOT.

Anyhow since I've been home with Mac, I assumed I'd have more time to work out and get fit. Turns out chasing an almost two year old around is actually more exhausting than going to work. So that hasn't happened either. This all came to a head when I went to visit my grandparents two weeks ago and my 91 year old grandfather told me I had put on weight. That was the final kick in the muffin-top. Time to get into shape.

I wanted to do something that wasn't just running this time. Don't get me wrong, running is awesome, but when I run and do nothing else, my body eats my muscles and it is not attractive. This time, I wanted to be buff too.

Enter Power90. AKA P90. Little brother to P90X.  I've tried P90X and I'm pretty sure you have to be a Marine, an Olympic Athlete or a juice head to do that work out. All it accomplished was making me feel like a loser after I gassed out ten minutes into every workout. So I did a little research online and found out that P90X is MEANT for athletes. "Regular" people are suppose to start with Power 90 and then once they graduate that program they can then do P90X. Duh.

So I'm on day 5 of Power90.  The nice thing about it is that it had one day of weights and one day of "cardio" - I put it in "" because there is no running. It's all jumping jacks, punching etc etc. It's like a combination of Plyometrics and Kenpo.  I'm suppose to take a photo of my self in my bathing suit now, then at day 30, day 60 and finally at day 90.  I am thinking I will supplement the program with some running because ... well, I'm an addict and I love to run outdoors. 

Wish me luck. 


Angelina Lynn said…
ugggghhhhhhh I hate excersize. Until one hour afterward- then I love it. But I cannot get my rear end in gear. (I did 30 seconds of jumping jacks while my tea water boiled. Does that count??)
patrick said…
good luck! :)

the word verification thing is "shmoot" haha! i love that.
Danielle said…
For SURE that counts!!! I also consider getting out of bed in the morning to be a situp. You've gotta think positive to stay motivated!
Angelina Lynn said…
HAHA! that's at LEAST another 30 seconds...

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