Cereal Killer

My son is a cereal killer. He specializes in fruit loops. Let me explain...

I was downstairs this morning working out when suddenly, from upstairs I heard the sound of hundreds of pieces of cereal hitting the floor. I snuck upstairs quietly to see what was happening and found my son sitting in the middle of a giant pile of fruit loops on the floor in the living room, Hemi standing a few feet away trying to eat a couple of them without Mac noticing.

I shook my head but tip toed back downstairs because I thought at least this will keep him busy till I'm done. About five minutes later I heard this crazy loud banging noise. I ran up the stairs thinking he had either gotten into the pantry and was throwing cans at the dog, or he was hurt and was stomping around.  Not so.

My son was now standing in the middle of the pile of fruit loops holding the table top part of his high chair and using it as a hammer, slamming it on the floor and crushing the fruit loops into a fine fine powder. One that is very very sticky on sweaty little toddler feet. Oh joy.

So fruit loops and cheerios beware - there's a cereal killer in the house.


patrick said…
oh so much fun!

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