Ever since I became a stay at home mom I've enjoyed the opportunity to try making stuff "homemade" more often.  I made biscuits from scratch, brownies, muffins, cookies, etc etc etc. Apparently, Mac has been paying attention because today during lunch, I caught him making his own hummus.

He doesn't use a high chair anymore. He's got a booster seat that's strapped to a chair and I just pull it up to the table during meals. The thing is, lately he's started trying to stand up on his booster seat (he's going to be an acrobat or something when he's older - this kid has no fear).

During lunch, I had given him a hand full of chick peas to eat and had gone back into the kitchen to get some cheese. When I looked back at him he was standing on his booster seat stomping around while holding on to the back of his chair. I walked back to the table to make him sit when I realized that he was stomping on his chickpeas. He must have thrown a hand full down on his seat and now was turning it into hummus *sigh*  Apparently, he felt the need to follow my example and make it "homemade".

The hardest thing about this was trying not to laugh or smile while telling him that it was NOT OKAY to stomp on his food.


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