Mac, AKA ....

The other day, I realised that we call Mac some really weird things. I'm pretty sure every parent does this as sleep deprivation increases and your sense of humour becomes more and more bizarre. So I thought I would document a few of the things we've (or people close to us) have called him.

1. Baby FlamePie (a combination of Laflamme and Pietila - this one is thanks to my sister in law)
2. Mac Attack (you should have seen the first time he had a kids meal from McDonald's - Ronald McD would have been proud)
3. Poop Camel (he hadn't pooped for a while...)
4. Giraffe Boy (pretty self explanatory)
5. Stinky Bum (also self explanetory) 
6. Bonhomme-Dude (this is what I currently call him)
7. Dragon (yes, this one has stuck)
7. Stink Eye (he already gives a mean dirty look)

I'm sure when he's older, he'll need therapy because of us :)


janelle said…
we call sam StinkyBum too! :D i think flamepie is my fave :D

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