Mac in Translation

Mac has been talking more and more lately and with this comes the super fun part of Harry and I trying to figure out WHAT he is trying to tell us. So I thought I would write down a few of his Macisms.

Peewee = Kiwi
Meewee = Mary (my friend)
Hockey Beam = Hockey Game
Kiki = Cookie
Pepper = Pecker (he still hasn't figured this one out)
Gring gring = Motorcycle
Brobo = Grover
wow ou = love you
mee = Mitch (my brother)
Papapa = Grandpapa
Meemee = Memere
leema = llama
leent = lint (he sounds like a little russian when he says this)
wide = ride
bawoon = balloon
mo = more

...and the list goes on. 

Actually, you can help me out.  If you speak baby, please tell me what "bee-mu" means. He says it to me often and very emphatically and I still have no clue. 


patrick said…
bee-mu very obviously means "i want a freakin' banana right this freakin' minute." how could you not get that?
janelle said…
"leent" is my favorite! what a great kid :D
Danielle said…
Pat, I would agree with you expect he's the one kid that hates bananas... Care to guess again??

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