Good times, good times.

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the weather we've been having. It's so nice to be able to go outside with just a light jacket (or none at all). Funny thing though, it seems as though whenever it gets really gorgeous outside it puts me in the mood to clean. Weird.

Anyhow, the coolest thing happened the other day.  Mac has been saying "Love you" when he's prompted for a long time now, but he's never said it on his own as a response... until now. That's right. The other night I put him to be and I said "Love you dude." and he said "Love you" back. My heart just melted into a giant puddle on the floor.

The other cool/funny thing he did happened last night. We took the front rail off his crib a couple weeks ago and other than a brief battle of wills the first week , he's been doing really good about staying in bed once he's there. Even if he cries he usually stays in bed. BUT he's learning the value of stall tactics. Last night I went to put him to bed. I talked to him a little bit, sang him a song told him I loved him and kissed him goodnight. Just as I was walking out the door, a little voice goes: "Mom??" so I came back in and said: "What bonhomme?" and he answered: "Night night, dodo." I chuckled and said night-night back then went to leave again. "Mom?" came the little voice again. "Yeah dude?" I answered. "Bec?" (kiss) Well, I'm a giant sucker so I went back in, gave him an other big smooch, told him I loved him, said night-night, and tried to leave. "Mom? Bec." (at this point I was struggling not laugh). So I went back in, kissed him again, kissed giraffe, said I love you, told him to go night-night-dodo and left.

You can never get enough goodnight kisses.  That totally made my week.


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