Long Time No See

OK, OK I know it's been a long time but now that the weather is nice here (FINALLY) there's so much to do outside. And as a bonus my living room doesn't get as messy when Mac spends time outside (shocker, right?)  So I have a few minutes of spare time and I thought I would do a quick vocab update for Mac and then post some pictures since a picture is worth a thousand words :) Lazy, I know. But after pulling weeds for a week straight, I'm entitled to a little lazy :)

So, Mac's new words:

Peeto = pickle
RAHRAH!! = water
Peepoopa = sil vous plait (french for please) - he sounds like Joey on Friends in that episode where Joey thinks he can speak french but is really only speaking jibberish :)
Frifra = french fry. he asked me for some at 9:30 AM one day. yikes.
awion = avion (plane in french)
MINOU!!!! - cat
lowou = love you (my heart melts when he says this
mote = milk

And these are just the words he mispronounces. There are plenty more but he actually says those clearly so it's not as interesting.

As for pictures...

This was taken the morning after the Easter Bunny visited our house...

 This was taken at the cottage. He was watching Hemi swim back after fetching a ball out of the water. Apparently, it was hilarious. Either that or his sense of humour is already warped and he's laughing at Hemi for GOING into the freezing water.

 "MOM!!! UP!!!!"

The Laflamme family genes.

Peace out, y'all!


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