My vegetable garden is planted!! My mom and I both have smallish veggie gardens at home and so this year we decided to go splits on a community garden. Basically, you lease out an 6x10 garden for the summer. It's really a cool project that the City is doing. They took an old unused park and fenced in about a third of it and made 60 garden plots. Three of them are designated community plots and the produce grown in them is donated to the Lord's Kitchen ( a soup kitchen), the Good Samaritan Inn (homeless shelter) and the Food Bank (pretty self explanatory).  My mom and I planted our community garden last week on Friday. And then Sunday afternoon I planted my home garden.  And I did it "right" this year.  Every year I sort of haphazardly dig holes, throw seeds, cover them up (without regard to recommendations on seed packets) and then try to guess as to what is growing where once things start to come up (and decide whether it's a vegetable or a weed). Every year my mother-in-law (who was raised on a farm and used the produce grown there as their primary source of food) shakes her head at me and tells me to A) thin the plants   b) which ones are weeds c) put labelled stakes by each veggie to identify what is being grown.  Well, this year I followed seed planting recommendations as suggested on the packets, organized my garden into rows and clearly labelled everything. I can't wait for it to start growing. At the community garden I planted lettuce,potatoes, carrots, yellow beans (hubby hates green ones) beets, garlic and onions.  At home I planted turnips, tomatoes, onions, shallots, broccoli, radishes, lettuce (spinach and regular) carrots, peas, beans a cucumber plant and a zucchini plant. I'm excited to watch Mac pick veggies :)


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