It's all fun and games until...

My mom decided that my dad was taking too long to get rid of this old couch that they had in the basement. Two years ago they renovated the basement and bought new furniture and were suppose to get rid of the old couch. You know which one - the big wooden frame with the cushions that have autumn cottage scenes on them. She hates this couch.  Since my husband was out of town this week I had access to our pickup truck during the day so she asked me to come over and we would load it up ourselves and get rid of it. ("If you want something to get done, do it yourself).  "Whoa whoa" my dad said when he heard the plan. "You need to be careful. You don't want to hurt yourself do you?" to which my mom replied something like 'Pfft.'

So bright and early Tuesday morning Mac and I pull up to my mom's house. We took two doors off the hinges and got that sucker out and loaded with a minimum of effort and no cursing whatsoever. My mom said that since there was still room in the box she wanted to go get some old skis out of the shed in the backyard and get rid of those too. Mac accompanied her.

Feeling very "I am woman, hear me roar" I decided to tie down the couch b/c we couldn't close the tailgate. We had some ratcheting tie downs so I used one of those but was still worried about the load being unstable. Not wanting the couch to fly out of the back of my truck en route and then be forced to listen to my father say "see? you should have waited..." I decided to secure it down a little better. I was too lazy to go back into my truck to get the second tie down so I decided to just use a bungee cord that was laying there.

3/4 of the way done tying it down the thought occurred to me that if the end of the bungee that was hooked in the truck let go it could potentially be dangerous and very damaging. No sooner had the thought occurred than the cord let go and flew up and hit me SQUARE IN THE EYE.

After checking rather frantically that I still had vision in my eye, I called for my mom to come quickly and reassure me that my eye was not hanging out of it's socket by the retina. After a few moments of panic I finally calmed down enough to realize that I almost just became a pirate. I had to sit down and have a little cry after that.

So here are some photos of the damage. And remember, it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

The photo on the left is Tuesday a few hours after it happened. Not too bad. The photo on the right is today. Not so pretty anymore. Also, it might be time to pluck my eyebrows. Just FYI.


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