Five Foods

Five Foods.... hm.. where oh where do I start??

5. When I went to visit my brother in Edmonton, my (future) sister-in-law took me to this little hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant in the Chinatown section of the West Edmonton Mall. She ordered for me and ordered a noodle bowl. You could pick which meat was in it (pork, beef, chicken, shrimp) and there was also crushed nuts, cilantro, bean sprouts, green onions... it was just absolutely unlike anything I'd ever had before or ever had since.
4. Bagels (toasted) with cream cheese and pan fried shaved black forest ham. Every year on my birthday my mom makes me whatever I want to eat. This is ALWAYS what I want to eat.
3. Bruschetta either at the Keg restaurant or Moxies in Thunder Bay.
2. Bacon wrapped water chestnuts with little pieces of liver inside them.
1. Fresh pickerel fillets soaked in Fish Crisp fried in lots of butter and garlic.

I should mention that I wanted to put Coke on here somewhere but since it's food and not beverages, I refrained.


janelle said…
ooh! #5 sounds like pho to me and i love it! it's the ultimate in comfort food - especially with all the sprouts and hot sauce you want on top ...
we need to have a food date, dan.
miss you.

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