How do I love thee?? Let me count the ways....

To Mac.

I love the way you smell right after I've wrestled you down and doused you with sunscreen.
I love the way you get so excited while watching cartoons that you run into the kitchen and kiss my knee/leg/calf - whatever is closest.
I love the way you say "d'autre" (more) when we're doing something you think is fun and you're becoming concerned that I'm going to stop.
I love the way you yell DADDA!!! when Harry gets home - if you were a dog, in that moment you'd be a Labrador that is so excited it's tail is wagging it's body.
I love the way you yell at Hemi. Even when it's just his name. It's so cute. The dog whisperer would be proud of you.
I love the way you nuzzle into my neck when I pick you up when you're upset.
I love the way you stall at bedtime when I'm trying to leave your room. You ask for more kisses, ask for a back rub, ask for stuffed animals that aren't in your bed with you...
I love the stubborn glint in your eye when someone tries to make you do something you don't want to. It reminds me of me.
I love the way you're learning to talk right now. You say words in the funniest manner it has me chuckling nearly all day.
I love how tough you are. Yesterday while I was working out you brought me a ten pound weight. TEN POUNDS!!
I love that you love hockey. Daddy is so proud of that.
And best of all...
I love you.


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