Seven Wants

7. I want to be a good mother to Mac. The kind of mom that teaches him things that in 25 years HIS wife will thank me.
6. I want to have an other baby.
5. I want to travel.
4. I want to live in the country and own two horses (because one would just get lonely) a couple chickens  and have a big vegetable garden.
3.I want to be a good friend.
2. I want to refinish the floors in my kitchen... (can you tell I'm running out of things...?)
1. I want to run a half marathon in 2 hours (the one I did took me 2:29.


janelle said…
oooh, i love number 7! that's a very good goal.
also, i love your list of things you love about mac <3 what a happy-blog morning!
miss you! xo.

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