Six Places

6. San Fransisco. It was the first major trip I took by myself and I LOVED IT THERE!  I got to go surfing, shop on the wharf, and tried sushi for the first time there. I almost didn't come home.
5. PEI and Nova Scotia.  Went there as a kid. East coasters are so friendly. We stopped for gas somewhere and by the time we were leaving we had an invitation to eat supper at the owners house. Fresh east coast chowder. Can't beat that.
4. The Floating "Dock" at Tower Lake. We spend our childhood there. There's no beach and tons of bloodsuckers and the dock is really ghetto. You had to run and jump in then swim out to the floating dock (which was actually an upside down sailboat hull or giant surf board, I think). But we spent HOURS on the dock with our cousins.
3. Quebec City. I've never been there but Harry has and he told me I would love it. It's friendly, historical and scenic.
2. Cuba. We had such an awesome time on our honeymoon there. The people were so friendly and I got to swim with dolphins. We sat on the beach and watched the sun set over the ocean each night.
1. The Calgary Stampede. Because where else would a horse-lovin', cowboy admiring girl wanna be?! Also I would like to take a trip and do nothing but visit farmers markets.


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