My laptop is at the doctors right now (aka Future Shop) getting a heart transplant and some brain surgery. Turns out the reason I blogged so often before was that it was convenient - my laptop was always sitting on the table so it was easy to sit down and hammer something out quickly right after it happened. Now I have to walk all the way downstairs to our desktop computer to do it. Apparently the extra 20 steps make a difference. Hmm.

My eye is almost totally healed. There's a little cut, a small bump and still a little bruise, but nothing like the shiner I was sporting earlier. I took Mac to a birthday party while it was at it's technicolor peak and actually had someone concerned that I was the victim of domestic violence (it didn't help that Harry had had his wisdom teeth pulled causing the right side of his face to be all swollen... heh heh heh.) Oh well.

We took Mac to ribfest on Canada Day and enjoyed some time out with friends. Mac got to play in an inflatable bouncy house which he thoroughly enjoyed. What I forgot though was those bouncy houses are bacterial incubators... Mac and I are now both suffering from a summer cold. Hooray.

Our garden is doing really good. We had our first home grown salad out of it. My zucchini plant had three zucchinis growing on it so far (ZUCCHINI BOATS!! YUM!!) and my cucumbers seem to be doing all right as well. It's the first summer we've had in a long time that actually has SUN so we've been enjoying it.


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