Have you ever had noise from reality filter into your dreams?? A few weeks ago I had this dream that a tornado was coming for our house. The wind was so crazy that it kept blowing Mac's bedroom window open so I had gone into his room and was laying in bed with him trying to shield him from rain and stuff. Throughout the course of my dream the tornado was making this loud roaring noise. When I woke up I realized that the noise of the tornado was actually the sound of our window air conditioning unit.

It happened again last night except I can't quite remember what I was dreaming. All I remember was that there was a song constantly playing and I couldn't figure out why. Then I woke up to the noise of Harry in the living room tearing apart Mac's toybox. Apparently, his toys had shifted during the night and something was now pressing a button on a tractor causing it to repetatively play old macdonald.  I think in my middle of the night grogginess I asked Harry why he was playing with Mac's toys.

Good Times.


janelle said…
hahahaha i LOVE that you asked harry that :D
when my mom and dad were first married, dad had a dream that he was being chased by a bear who kept growling. he woke up and realized my mom was snoring, and his dream was turning them into the growls :D. (she was so embarrassed!)
ps love the pic of mac with the dandelions!

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