Emergency Surgery

So I'm sitting at home on the couch right now with three holes in my stomach. Let me explain.

We found out I was pregnant the last week of July. Since we had a miscarriage last year at that time, I was a little nervous about the pregnancy. Things seemed a little weird right from the get-go.  I was spotting right away and that's what happened last time I miscarried, so I wasn't to excited about that. My midwife sent me in for blood work the following Tuesday and Friday to check my HCG levels to make sure they were rising normally.

Saturday (which happened to be the day of Mac's birthday) I woke up with a weird shooting pain down my leg and abdominal pain so I got up early and went to the hospital where they drew more blood then sat me in a room and left me there for two hours until the results came back. They said that the HCG levels were climbing, but not as fast as they should be. HOWEVER, it could just be the difference between having my blood drawn at two different labs, so I shouldn't worry. As for the pain, the doc told me, well, pregnant women get pain for all kinds of reasons, so don't worry. (I have a very negative impression of this doctor - he was a little condescending and made me feel like a hypochondriac).

I rushed home for Mac's party and was only twenty minutes late, which turned out fine because most of the people that were attending showed up late. The rest of the day passed with little to no drama. We had a good birthday party. I still had a little bit of discomfort, but hey, pregnant women get pain all the time *note sarcasm*.

Tuesday I started feeling pressure in my bowels (sorry if that's too much information). I wouldn't describe it as painful, just awkward and uncomfortable. By Wednesday it was starting to worry me so I phone my midwife and left a message. At this point I noticed I was spotting again - just a teeny tiny bit - but spotting none-the-less. I called Harry at work and asked him to come home to watch Mac so that I could go back to the hospital.  I picked him up at work and he dropped me off at about 1:45pm.  I went into emerge which, thankfully, was not that full and got triaged right away. I was called into the back room and they drew blood (again - geez, I'm feeling hollow now) and then I settled in, prepared to wait for an other 2 hours and be told it was all in my head.

About half an hour later a doctor came in and said that he was going to try to do an ultrasound. He said that since it was still very early in my pregnancy, there wouldn't be much to see, just a double yolk sac (?!).  He did the ultra sound and couldn't see anything so he told me to guzzle some juice ( I guess a full bladder makes it easier to see) and then he would send me up to ultrasound and have a tech try to find something. At this point, I was getting a pretty bad feeling.

Half an hour later, I jogged up to diagnostic imaging where (between doing the pee-dance and taking deep breaths so I didn't wet my pants) I got ready for my second ultrasound. The tech tried but couldn't see anything either, so she decided to do an internal ultrasound. As she was doing it, she oh-so-casually asked me if I had ever had a tubal pregnancy to which I responded no.  I surreptitiously watched her labelling things on the ultrasound.  She labelled my ovaries, then I saw something a little bit over from it. AHA, I thought. Tubal pregnancy.

They sent me back down to emerge to wait to see a doctor because the techs aren't allowed to tell you anything. At this point, I knew I was going to lose this baby too. Instead of the doctor though, a blood work tech came in and started an IV. She said she didn't know anything but the doctor had asked her to start an IV and that I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything. Well, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure this one out. Surgery.

I called Harry, crying, and told him what was going on. He called my mom who agreed to take Mac so that Harry could come to the hospital and wait with me. Just as I was hanging up the phone, an OB/GYN that I had seen a few months ago who was suppose to do laproscopic surgery on me in September (because they suspected I had endometriosis) came in.   He asked me a few questions then did an internal exam.  He seemed surprised that the internal wasn't more painful for me and questioned me again about where I was hurting. I explained that I had a feeling of pressure in my bowels that was sometimes a sharp pain, and every now and then I also had a sharp pain in my shoulder.

He looked at the ultrasound results and told me that he wasn't sure if the pregnancy was tubal, or if it was just on the edge of my tube. Because the baby was still so small, it was impossible to tell by ultrasound. He said that he would go in laproscopically and check it out. If the pregnancy was tubal (which he didn't seem too convinced that it was because I wasn't in agony) he might have to remove the tube. I told him that I was scheduled for exploratory surgery in September with him so he told me that while he was in there, he wouldn't look around for any endometriosisSince the OR was busy, he told me that I likely wouldn't get in until at least 10PM - it was currently 6PM. He said that there were two surgeries ahead of me, and that if they went past 11PM I would likely get bumped to the following day.

Harry arrived and we settled in to wait. At 11:15 a nurse came by and said that the surgery wouldn't be happening that day and that they were going to admit me overnight and try to get me in the following day. I asked if it would be alright to go home and just come back the following morning and after consulting with the doctor, the nurse said yes. I was under strict orders to come back immediately if the pain worsened or if I started bleeding.

We went home and got a few hours of sleep then returned to the hospital the following morning at 9:30. They admitted me and then sent me up to surgical where I was given a room and a super sexy (again -sarcasm) hospital gown and told to hurry up and wait.  It was a long day. Thankfully, two of the nurses were friends of ours - one was my age and the other was a mother of one of Harry's friends. They visited every now and then when they had time.  I had almost completely given up hope that I would be seen that day as well until finally Brenda (Harry's friends mom) came in and told me to get naked under my gown and follow her because I was going in. I told her that was the first time I'd ever gotten excited when a woman told me to get naked. She laughed at me.

They wheeled me to the OR where we waited about ten minutes. The doctor came out and went over his plan of action with me - he would try to do it laroscopically, but if he had to open me up I would have to spend a few nights in the hospital - then went to prep for the surgery. The scrub nurses (who told me they had been in the OR till 3:30 AM the previous night!!!) came for me, Harry kissed me goodbye and then I went into surgery.

I was nervous. There's something about being put to sleep that really freaks me out. They had me hooked up to a heart rate monitor and I could hear my heart rate speeding up as they were strapping me down (that'll make a person feel better). They gave me oxygen, told me to take three deep breaths, then injected the anesthetic into my IV.  The anesthesiologist (who was the same woman who did my epidural for my c-section with Mac) told me I would feel stinging then I would sleep - and to have a good dream.  All of a sudden I felt pins and needles in my arm, then my face. Then everything started blurring...

... and I woke up in recovery. I had a wicked sore throat, and a cough. They told me it was because I had a tube in my throat during surgery. I was having issues focusing and could only open one eye at a time (I must've looked really funny). The doctor came by and sat at the end of my bed. I squinted at him with my one open eye and he told me that he had been able to do the entire procedure laproscopically. I think I gave him a thumbs up when he told me this, as it was still too painful to talk. He said that the pregnancy had indeed been tubal - way further up the tube than they had thought - and that I must have a pretty high pain tolerance because when they opened me up they found a lot of internal bleeding which I guess means it was on the verge of bursting.  He said that he'd had to remove a good chunk of the right tube, but he'd checked out the left one while he was there and didn't think we would have any issues conceiving again using only the left tube. I nodded and gave him the thumbs up again. I don't think he was very confident in my level of alertness so he asked me to repeat what he said. "Right tube gone, left tube good. Can go home tonight" I croaked at him. He smiled then left.

They gave some oxy-codone for the pain while I was in recovery. They kept me there about 45 minutes after I woke up then wheeled me back to my room where my sweet husband was waiting for me.  We stayed in the hospital until 10:30 PM that night then left for home. Home sweet home.

The next morning when Mac woke up Harry brought him into my room to see me. He was confused because usually we're together all the time and he really hadn't seen me for a few days. Harry told him I had a bobo on my stomach and we showed him the band aids. That's what's great about laproscopic surgery. Literally, there are three little band aids on my belly - that's it.  After that, whenever Mac would come into my bedroom he would point to my belly and said "Gentle, bobo, band aids!!" and then lean over ever so slowly to kiss me.

So that's been our week so far. Hopefully my recovery continues to go farely well.


patrick said…
oh that made me tear up! especially the last part where Mac kisses your belly! love you lots.

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