Funny Fact about Surgery

Did you know that before they do anything laparoscopically on a person they inflate you like a balloon??  Seriously!! I'm not sure if this only applies to abdominal surgery or not. Apparently, it reduces the risk of puncturing an organ when they poke you with the camera.  I have this really funny visual in my head of my stomach inflated out...

Anyhow, at the end of the surgery, they deflate you (bahaha) but they can't get all the air out so for a couple of days after, every time you shift positions you feel this air sloshing around in your insides.  And the annoying part is that it's not like you can just burp it out or pass gas and it will be gone. Apparently it has to be re-absorbed into your bloodstream.  I bet if you grabbed a stethoscope and listened to my belly right now it would sound like a whole whack of percussionists are in there fighting.


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