Garden Update

I took these photos about two weeks ago and have been meaning to do this since then.  This is my garden so far!!
We had a really horrible wind/hail storm not long after this photo and it blew one of the tomatoes right off the plant and around to the back of my garden!

Mac has discovered that there are peas growing here and now raids the peas every time he's outside... I don't think we'll get too many that make it to the full grown stage!

Cucumbers are Harry's favorite and thank God I'm actually able to grow them. 

I actually thinned my turnips to specifications this year and they're growing!! YAY! Last year all I got was little baby carrot sized turnips bc I didn't follow directions...


And last but not least, my carrots and lettuce. I also grew spinach this year but something started destroying it so I yanked it all out before it infected my other lettuce.


janelle said…
wow dan! your garden looks great :D i am totally blown away - that must be so much work and now you're getting to see the results - yummy!
Rose Golden said…
You have an extraordinary garden! Congratulations on it and keep us posted with new updates!
Tabby Dragon said…
Those are pretty nice veggies you got. It shows you got the know how to grow and take care of them. Congratulations!

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