Each night Mac and I have the same routine. He brushes his teeth, puts a nighttime diaper on, changes into his pajamas then we get into bed. I give him a glass of milk which he drinks while I read him The Goodnight Book and Night Night Little Pookie then I pray. Lastly I sing him "River Lullabye" from the Prince of Egypt soundtrack.

I must put in a small note here saying that when Mac says "milk" it comes out sounding like "mote".

So this is what the song sounded like tonight.

"Drift on a river *MOTE* that flows through my arms *MOOOOOTTTTTTEEEE* Drift as I'm singing to you *MOOOOOOTTTTTEEEEE* "

That's right. HE decided to sing along, and since he didn't know the words, he made up his own. I wish I could have taped it because that would be awesome to whip out at his wedding...


janelle said…
so adorable! give him some snuggles from us! <3

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