My Funny Kid

The more Mac starts talking the funnier life gets. For example, we recently went to Barrie to spend some time with my brother and his family. He has a little guy (Bryson) who is two months younger than Mac. I couldn't get over how well Bryson was talking while we were down there. Mac was doing the two-word sentences but Bryson was full-on talking. Anyhow, since we've returned home, we've been working on sentences with him.
One afternoon, Mac and I were sitting on the couch watching a cartoon. He was jibber jabbering and I had pretty much tuned him out. Suddenly, he reached over, took my face in his hands, turned it to face him (I do this to him when he isn't listening to me, or won't make eye contact)  and said "HAVE POPCORN PLEASE!!" (It actually came out sounding more like "Haff pocorn PEAS!" but I knew what he was saying. The funniest part was his tone - he was talking to me like I was a half deaf, senile, mildly slow person. I gave him popcorn.
Today, we were driving to the doctors office. I was on main street and suddenly, from the back of the SUV his little voice pipes up and says "Turn, mom". He's two and already he's a backseat driver.  We arrived at the doctors office and while they were leading us to the room, he was looking around a little worriedly. We passed the room we had been in when I brought him in for his 18 month needles and he pointed in to it and said "Mama, bobo!!"
This last thing is more cute than funny. I've started saying prayers with him before I put him in bed. Nothing long or fancy, just short sweet and simple. This week, he's started repeating the last word of every sentence I pray while I'm praying it. My heart just melts.

The best feeling in the world is when we're walking and he takes my hand. I feel like I'm a million feet tall. I didn't know it was possible to love someone this much.


janelle said…
totally cute <3. and the last part? tear jerker.

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