Recovery Update

My stomach (and brain) are relieved because I no longer need the prescription meds that were given to me. They were doing a number on my stomach. I'm making do with an advil here or there. Most of the pain is gone from the actual incisions (other than the belly button one) but the healing is making it itch (I remember this from my c-section too) which drives me crazy because I forget that it's still a bit sore and then I scratch it. OW. The swelling is almost all gone in my stomach so I no longer look twenty pounds heavier. The part that's the worst though is that I am not suppose to lift Mac up (how do you spend a day with a 2 year old and not lift him up?) and I have been and I think I pulled all the muscles in my lower abdomen. Woops. Also it's been the perfect weather outdoors for running and I can't work out so I'm a little frustrated. All in all though, all is good.


janelle said…
so glad to hear you are on the mend! <3

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