Day Trip

I found out that my cousin, his wife and their 6 month old baby were in Kap this weekend. They had been in Kap once before when Sam was younger but I wasn't able to go see them because we were all sick here. Well wouldn't you know it, Mac was sick again.  However, they really wanted to see us too so they told us they would tolerate the germs for the sake of our company.

We got to Kap at twelve thirty and stopped in at my Memere's house for a visit first. She had made us chicken noodle soup and she also shared her banana bread with us. Yum. After we ate, Mac explored her apartment for a while before finding her change pot and stealing all her loose change. We had to bribe him with a mint before we left to get him to give her back her money.  I keep telling him to only steal the red bills. Just kidding.

After that we went to my Aunt and Uncles house in Val Rita where my cousin and his family were staying. She had laid out a nice spread for everyone with mashed potatoes, chicken, and Janelle (my cousin's wife) made the most awesome bruschetta I've ever had. Better than the one I had at the Keg. Better than the one I had at Moxies ten years ago in Thunder Bay that I still to this day remember because it was so good.

After supper we went outside for some fresh air until the wind and rain drove us back into the house. We played a few rounds of Midnight Madness which is so fun. Then we started Taboo. And the cameras came out. And I'm sure there are some goofy looking pictures of nearly every participant since you go a little brain dead when you play taboo. Sam put in his two cents too during the game.

Time flew by and before we knew it it was time to go.  I hate driving in the dark. We left Kap at ten after six to come home. I thought Mac would crash out right away and sleep most of the way home since he'd only slept half an hour on the way up - his nap is usually an hour and a half to two hours long - but he stayed awake the whole time and watched Rio.

The best part of our road trip was FINALLY getting to meet little SamJam. He is the cutest most adorable, happiest, smiliest baby in the world. Coming in at a close second was getting the chance to spend some time with family. And hugs. No one can top Labelle hugs. They aren't limp and wimpy. They're so warm and full of love it's like they're hugging your heart. Best feeling ever.


janelle said…
LOVE this post! <3 so glad we got to see you guys - thank you so so so much for coming to see us! i'll make you bruschetta anytime :D
also, i think you deserve this title: taboo champion 2011! you killed it.
patrick said…
aw! thanks for coming up. we so loved seeing you!! we should really do it more often... maybe our next vacation will be in timmins...

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